Inspired by the rich history of costume and art, Alma Wieser began Renovar (Spanish for renovate). The concept behind the line is the renewal of ideas and their cycle through time. Each season a theme is chosen and researched for the collection, keeping the clothes fresh and full of art and fashion references. Her approach is one part historian and one part artist medium. Some of the most notable collections were "Chanel versus Schiaparelli SS/10", "Model Assemblages FW/11" inspired by artist Louise Nevelson, and "Wild Dream SS/14" based on Diaghilev's Ballet Russes. The intention is to create smart clothes and to revive the relationship between designer and client that has been long gone with the old couture houses. The label offers Renovar Edition, a line of high end designs made to order and a ready to wear line, all made in Chicago.

Alma Wieser received her BFA in Fine Arts of Fashion Design from The International Academy of Design and Technology. She currently lives and works in Chicago as designer for Renovar and director of Heaven Gallery, a non for profit art gallery in Wicker Park.

For Spring 2017, Renovar looks to Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy.